Tuesday, October 23, 2007


The most amazing thing happened today, I witnessed (for the first time), Da'Gorgeouses sharing food with each other. I've have seen them share toys before, not too often, and usually it's just to stop the other from screaming. Now and again, they will offer one of us adults some of their food, (usually taken straight out of their own mouth, oftentimes chewed) but I hadn't really seen them share food with each other. Today I gave them a cookie for a snack---well, 2 cookies, actually. So during the second cookie (the last half of it) I saw LongRifle lean over to her sister and place the cookie in her mouth. Pistol is quite the food connoisseur, I don't know if I've mentioned it before, but many of her words are food oriented. Anyway, she didn't hesitate to take a bite off of the offered cookie, then LongRifle would take a bite and offer it again. This process continued until said half a cookie was gone. It was a beautiful, touching, albeit very brief moment, because, upon noticing that her cookie was gone, LongRifle promptly seized the opportunity to grab and eat Pistol's remaining half a cookie. **sigh** I do have to add that normally Pistol would have screamed her head off, but instead she just got up and continued to play. I'd like to believe she somehow realized that LongRifle had unselfishly shared her food...but it's probably more likely that she was just full.


gardngirl October 24, 2007 at 6:38 PM  

What a sweet and very touching moment. You can remind them of this when they are teenagers and are in an argument over sharing clothes!

I had to write and tell you that your blog has a new, very enthusiastic fan...Alex. He says,"Oh, those babies are soo cute. Hey, that's the Elmo song!!!" la,la,la,la.



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