Saturday, November 24, 2007

A Night Out

DrillSgt. & I went out on a date tonight. It was nice to have dinner, watch a movie (btw, Hitman definately a must see) & do a little holiday shopping. I LOVE and ADORE Da'Gorgeouses, but it feels really great to get out & spend a little time getting reacquainted with my husband. I will admit that last year was a total blur, we didn't get out much, of course we also didn't get much sleep either. It's only been probably since May of this year that we've started taking some time for ourselves and getting out a bit. I do miss the girls while I'm out but after some time away it feels like I'm refreshed & ready , the mommy batteries have been recharged and I'm okay to continue doing the mommy thing 24/7 again. I can tell Da'Gorgeouses enjoy their time with Welo & Grammy and I'm sure that the restrictions on them aren't so great as when mom & dad are around. It always makes me smile to see the expression on their face when we walk back in the door---almost a "Oh, yeah you were gone, I've been having a GREAT time, but I'm really glad to see you again!"




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