Saturday, December 1, 2007

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas!

We start our Christmas season with a full out shopping trip with Da'Gorgeouses, plus Welo & Grammy. Off to the malls we headed today, which besides Black Friday, had to be one of the craziest shopping weekends possible. Everywhere was crowded, but besides a few tantrums, we made it through...albeit a little more tired than usual. We left about noon and didn't arrive home until 7 pm. We did manage to finish our Christmas shopping for DrillSgt.'s side of the family---all 9 nieces and nephews, not to mention the added bonus of him being able to pick out a present to take to his department gift exchange. Mind you, during all of this shopping time, Da'Gorgeouses decided to forgo their nap (except for a couple of 10 minute on the go shut-eyes). They were so ready to be home. LongRifle took a 1 hour nap, and Pistol, being her usual self, was just dandy with her 2 ten minute recharge.

8 pm came around and we discovered, quite by accident, that the 75th annual Radio City Christmas special was on. Pistol was immediately captivated by the beautiful ladies dancing and the festive music, so much so that when I asked her to come up and sit on my lap she readily complied. She's the one that's always been partial to dancing and music. Five minutes later, LongRifle woke up from her nap. Out she came to sit on DrillSgt's lap, she leaned back, put her hands behind her head and focused intently on the television screen. Whenever a commercial came on, they'd ask to be let down on the floor, but as soon as Radio City started "up" they'd say with their arms outstretched. This went on for the entire length of the program. At one point, LongRifle was even kicking her feet up and raising her arms copying (or attempting to) the moves the Rockettes were making. DrillSgt. and I were so impressed with their attentiveness we've decided that we are going to make it a point to take them to see one of these shows live someday.




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