Thursday, February 7, 2008

Mickey Mouse going to get a visit from Da'Gorgeouses tomorrow! We're gong to Disneyland!!! All week DrillSgt. & I have been telling them we're going to visit Mickey Mouse. Well tonight, it was difficult for them to get to sleep, I think mainly because they sensed our excitement. I'm keeping my expectations low, hopefully we can pull at least 4 hours at the park, there's a lot more stimulus there than at the zoo---they lasted 6 hours there. We'll have a 3 day pass so there's no real rush, but the anticipation of it is killing me! LOL!! We decided to take this trip because Grammy, Welo, ta-ta-ta and tioMik are all going too. That way, we can focus on the girls and they can focus on planning the day for us. I figure if I can get on one ride I'll have met my goal for our first Disney trip. Wish us luck.




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