Sunday, May 18, 2008

I Miss It

Saturday we decided to have a bbq, ribs, chicken, beans & rice, along w/ some cucumbers, tomatoes and jicama thrown in for good measure. We'd invited ta-ta-ta & NoMike to come down & join us, luckily they were able to. LongRifle was so excited to see them she screamed when they walked in. She was already in her high chair, so she looked like a madwoman trying to get out. They had a great time interacting with their Ninos and Grammy & Welo, pretty much anyone that doesn't go by the name of papá or mamá. There was a little resistance about going to bed, they didn't want to miss out on anything. Once in bed, there was a slight amount of talking and then silence--they were so exhausted.

We went out for a day on the town, the purpose was to shop for shoes for Pistol. Did I mention the poor girl wears a 2XW shoe---do you know how difficult that is to find? Anyway, we didn't find any shoes we liked so I may have to shop online. We did head to Tar*get to escape from the heat. After strolling the aisles and throwing just about everything into our cart (j/k) we decided to stop and have some popcorn & nachos & frosties before leaving the store. Pistol & LongRifle LOVE popcorn, the frosties they didn't care for that much, even though I watered them down somewhat, I don't think they cared for the super sweet taste. Once we got back into the car, DrillSgt. decided to finish the small amount of popcorn left in the bag. Pistol nocticed her dad eating the popcorn and decided to scream out, "Popcorn, popcorn, papá, I miss it." Goodness, where does she come up with these things?!




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