Saturday, May 31, 2008

Making It Count

We wanted to take a trip to a nearby town this weekend, but with the price of gas on the rise we felt like we really needed to make it count. So we made a list of the things we needed/wanted to do and then we headed out the door with Da'Gorgeouses in tow. Just to let you know, we seemed to have been rewarded for our well thought out excursion, we even managed to get some "free" stuff we otherwise might not have.

I was in need of a haircut. I hate to admit it, but I hadn't had my haircut since last November when my bil's sister cut it. That's a long time, and my hair grows SUPER fast. I've been wearing it pulled back since about January so it was definitely time. It's amazing how something as simple as getting a haircut can change your mood, I really like it, and I think I may even have a little extra pep in my step. As we walked into the mall (that's where I got my haircut) we had to pass by one of those photo shops. All of the employees were standing outside waiting to pull in their next victim, eh, I mean client. Of course, who can resist the hypnotizing charm of Da'Gorgeouses, especially when we decided to dress them up for our Sunday outing.

"Excuse me," says the girl named Carmen, "we're really slow today and I was wondering if we could borrow your girls for 10 - 15 minutes and take some pictures of them? You'll get a free 10X13 for your time." Knowing full well what the deal was, I looked at DrillSgt. smiled and said, "sure why not?! You can do this while I go get my haircut." He agreed (having no idea what he was in store for), and followed the nice lady inside. Unfortunately, it was another hour before I could get a haircut appointment, so being the wonderful wife and mother that I am (I could have gone shopping you know) I headed back to give DrillSgt. a hand. Good thing too, because when I walked into the room Da'Gorgeouses were everywhere, DrillSgt was chasing them and that's that there were two extra employees in the room to help! They finished their photo shoot (you know like the models?) and we headed out to shop, promising to return to collect our free 10X13 after we were done (yeah, you know they tried to sell us stuff, but we didn't bite).

After our excursion to the mall, we decided we were hungry and stopped at a local Chinese food restaurant that DrillSgt. loves to eat at. Now, I know I may be in the minority here, but I have never acquired a taste for Chinese food, it's my all time least favorite food to eat (UNLESS it happens to be at Chinn's). But every once in awhile I agree to let DrillSgt drag me to one of those other places where it takes me forever to search through the menu looking for something that I might find appetizing. Usually I just give up, order something I think can't possibly be that bad (like teriyaki chicken) and end up being disappointed once again. The problem I've figured out has to do with the sauces, I have an aversion to sliminess, and most of the other Chinese restaurants go heavy on the slimy sauce. I've tried ordering it on the side, or without it, but somehow it gets lost in translation.

Next came a visit to Costco. We had a huge list and then added as we shopped. Mainly we purchased groceries, and food to re-fill our pantry. We figured with the price of groceries going up, it would come in handy to have things like 2 large jars of pickles, 3 bottles of spaghetti sauce, or a huge can of artichokes, just waiting to be used up. Da'Gorgeouses love going to Costco because they can ride in the same cart, they love it when I go over the bumps near the entrance, and they like to try the free snacks. This time, right before we were getting ready to step into the checkout line, we decided to get them out let them walk around a little bit. After chasing them around for a little while, they finally decided to park themselves at the patio furniture display. It was okay with us, we needed a quick sit down break.

Next we made a quick stop to pick up DrillSgt's. free cold stone creamery ice cream. I registered him with their website because they send you a coupon for a free ice cream for your birthday (a $5 value). If you haven't tried it, their Coffee Lover's delight is delicious! Did I ever tell you I don't drink coffee and I can't stand the smell of it?! Funny thing is I LOVE the taste of coffee ice cream or coffee candies, go figure? There was a time, before the birth of Da'Gorgeouses, that I couldn't even make coffee because the smell of it would make me nauseous, something happened while I was pregnant with them and it isn't that bad anymore. I still won't drink it, but at least now I can make it without puking my guts out.

Our final visit was to Tar.get. Since the one in our hometown was completely torn down and is being remodeled we have to take the opportunity to stop there when we can. There were only a few items we needed from there, so it was a quick in and out trip. DrillSgt and Da'Gorgeouses stayed in the car sharing ice cream and I was out in a flash.

Overall our trip was well planned and executed (can you tell I've been married to DrillSgt. for 12 years?). We ended up with about $20 worth of "free" stuff and saved some more money by filling up our tank and purchasing some items at Costco. I was able to get my haircut, Da'Gorgeouses got out of the house, and all in all it was a GREAT weekend!


Helene June 2, 2008 at 3:37 PM  

Glad to hear your shopping trip was a success!!! My kids love Costco too - I swear, it makes their day!! They love sitting next to one another in the carts and eating the free samples (which somehow end up costing me extra money b/c they sucker me into buying a huge box of the sample) and we always end up parked on the patio displays too for a little rest!

dlyn June 3, 2008 at 9:18 AM  

Sounds like a great day! I came over to check out your blog after seeing the photo you submitted on Kacey's blog. Your little girls are so cute and seeing them so healthy and happy is a blessing after the rough start thay had!



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