Saturday, September 20, 2008

It Was The Best of Times...

It was the best of times, it was THE BEST of times!!! We had a wonderful day yesterday having lunch with GrdnGirl and her RedHead. So, so happy to see my good friend, she's is an absolutely wonderful lady. We had a marvelous lunch including sandwiches, chips, super delicious iced tea and of course, refreshing orange ice cream, throw in our three super entertaining children and you can bet we had a SPLENDID time! After lunch we were kindly invited back to their house for a play date (which was ever so good because Da'Gorgeouses kept asking for GrdnGirl and Red by name the entire car ride over). Once we got there Da'Gorgeouses ran in as if they owned the place and immediately got down to some serious playing. It was so nice to watch them having an absolute blast (I didn't even flinch at having them miss their nap)!

Of course, it was Marisa day so I felt obliged to warn her she was getting them sans nap as soon as she arrived. I think she had an inkling of what she was in for when she heard their squeal from outside the door (no it wasn't our chickens this time). Overall, she was quite surprised at the amount of wound up energy they were displaying. Usually she gets them calm and mellow, just waking up from their nap, but not today. She was full of giggles watching their behavior (which was super great considering they lasted almost 5 hours past their usual nap time before she left). What a beautiful personality she has to get such joy out of Da'Gorgeouses quirky behavior. No melt downs what so ever and I think they even enjoyed watching her laugh at their craziness.

Hooray for lunch dates with a wonderful friend and play dates for the little ones! We'll have to make it a habit GrdnGirl, it was super fun!


gardngirl September 20, 2008 at 8:33 PM  

I totally agree!!! We had an awesome time, too. :)



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