Monday, November 17, 2008

Don't Be Scared....

It all worked out after all...minus the getting the pics posted. We were able to return/exchange our stroller (for the 3rd time), no hassles whatsoever. Da'Gorgeouses LOVED the "feathered dinosaur" exhibit (and it was free)! LongRifle especially loved the dinosaurs and she kept running around looking at all the skeletons, pointing and shouting, "look at the dinosaur, that's a dinosaur" and when we first saw the really HUGE feathered dinosaur they had in the middle of the room (it extended up to the next floor) she held my hand and said, "don't be scared it's just pretend." Pistol laughed, looked up and said, "it's gonna eat me!" and then said, "don't worry it's just pretend." Those girls are a RIOT!!

After the Met. we even had a chance to meet Tia Na-Na and TioMike for dinner at Chinn's. He came out and spoke to the girls and LongRifle told him, "it was delicious!". He still remembers all the pictures we'd show him while they were still in the NICU, and he's just amazed at how much they've grown. All in all it was a wonderful weekend, made even more wonderful by spending it with family!




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