Wednesday, December 10, 2008

An Explanation...

Let me explain the title of my previous post. December Madness begins on December 7th with my sis & bil anniversary, it is then followed by Grammy's birthday coming up on the 15th, my bil's b-day on the 18th (I do have that date right?!). Somewhere before Christmas we all gather to make the traditional tamales, and we can't forget Christmas Eve and Christmas Day (which we traditionally have plans for on both days). Let's add to that the fact that DrillSgt. and I being slightly psychotic and delusional at the time, were convinced/and only slightly coerced (thanks Grammy & Welo--LOL!!) to get married on December 30th (this due to the fact that my younger cousin that lived down south was getting married on the 23rd and ALL our out of state family would already be in town). Oh yeah, and then New Year's EVE!! All in all it's a rip-roaring, exciting and celebration filled month (albeit a little crazy and stressful). I'm thinking about convincing DrillSgt. we should move our official anniversary date to some warmer, less crazy and stressful month, maybe then we could actually get our act together enough to really GO somewhere and DO something---think he'll go for it?!




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