Saturday, January 24, 2009

Ignore Negative Behavior

Da'Gorgeouses have been acting rather strange lately. Over the last few weeks, off and on, there's been A LOT of yelling, high pitched yelling, demanding, saying "NO", testing their limits. I'm supposing they're just exercising their right to act like 2 (almost 3) year olds. Whatever is going on, it's making me a tad bit nuts! I swear sometimes I don't know whether to bust up laughing (which would only encourage their negative behavior) or cry (which would only encourage their negative behavior), or join in (which would only encourage their negative behavior). LOL!! I just can't believe that after all my schooling and training and working with students with behavior issues (and by no means am I saying my girls have severe behavior issues), for all my years of repeating my mantra "Ignore negative behavior"...well, it's just so different when they're yours and you're right in the middle of it! I don't know how, or why, but most days it just doesn't affect DrillSgt. the same way. He generally does a stupendous job of ignoring their behaviors.

Take today for instance, DrillSgt. did an AMAZING job with them (luckily for me they were taking turns), and me....well, let's just say I'm thankful that tonight is Margarita night! LOL!!


gardngirl January 25, 2009 at 1:09 PM  

I can totally relate. I sometimes wish I were a man (Franky) when Red misbehaves. He can simply drown out/ totally ignore the things that I think should be addressed...

Maybe they(the Daddys')are on to something? Who really knows! If you figure it out,let me know!:)

I'm looking forward to Thursday, too!



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