Friday, January 16, 2009

Mid-January Update

So the 3 day work week went well (for the first week). Da'Gorgeouses seem to have adjusted quickly to having mamá & papá back to work after our 3 week vacation. I think they handled it way better than I did--LOL!! My new students seem to have adjusted to the transition well too, I suppose it helps that I let them know I was willing to pressure them in order to have them be successful, all said with a huge smile of course!

Da'Gorgeouses vocabulary and sentence composition seems to have EXPLODED over the last 2 weeks of our vacation. They just seem to have made a major leap in the complexity of their sentences. I'm not quite sure what caused it, but it seems to have happened rather suddenly. That I know of we haven't been doing anything differently, but the change is quite evident. Pistol was talking about how her and LongRifle were princesses. I told her that they were Mamá's princesses, and Daddy's too of course, and she came back at me with, "Yes, sissy and I belong to both of you. We're your princesses and Daddy's princesses!" Ummm, yeah, that's right! Then while we were out holiday shopping we were at a stoplight and LongRifle spots the flags on the car dealer ship, you know the ones that say CARS on them? Well I hear her sounding something out. Cuh-Ah, Cu-Ah, CAT! So I think, huh, what?! Then I say, "that was close baby, you're right, it's Cuh-Ah-R, CAR." Hmmm....I'm starting to think they might be trying to read so they can avoid potty training---LOL!!

On another good note, we had our ITP (Individual Transitional Plan) meeting this past week and they will no longer qualify for services once they turn 3. I guess they thought I was going to be upset about that, but why?! They helped us when we needed it most and were a few more sets of objective eyes to make sure Da'Gorgeouses didn't slip through the cracks along the way. I'm eternally grateful for the help and the great friendships we've made along the way!




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