Thursday, February 26, 2009

What I Love About You RIGHT Now...


that you've both memorized the names of the President, Vice-President, Secretary of State and Speaker of the House (DrillSgt. has sophomores that can't do that)!

that you've both taken a liking to preforming "on stage" (our hearth) and will bow like pros after singing one of your favorite songs like Old McDonald or How Much is that Doggie in the Window (which Grammy & Welo taught you during one of our date nights).

that you grab book after book running over to one of us and yell earnestly "Read it to me, read it to me!"

that you (Pistol) have made it a habit to run to me after I come home from work, give me a huge hug and say "I missed you today mom!" (melts my heart EVERY time!)

that you (LongRifle) have memorized almost word for word the entire story of Olivia and the Missing Toy and will bring the book over and say "Let me read it to you!" (sooo stinkin' cute!)

that you both know the schedule and routine and in the morning when I'm home on Tuesday you ask "Are we going to Story time today?" or on Thursday you say, "We're going to group today" and of course we can't forget Friday's greeting (which I no longer get to hear because I'm at work) "Marisa comes today!"

that others compliment you all the time, about how well you behave, how smart you are, what happy girls you are---I'm so VERY proud to be your Mamá!






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