Thursday, April 16, 2009

What I Love About You RIGHT Now...

I love...

  • how fiercely you protect each other and look out for each other
  • how you love to perform and then take a bow afterward
  • how you can stay up for hours giggling and talking to each other (even if it does make me a little crazy at the time)
  • how you wake up asking "Where are we going today?"
  • how quickly you notice things (like the picture of Olivia the Pig that I drew for you and hung above your table yesterday)
  • how well you've learned to sit still for your time-outs (even if there is a lot of verbal drama)
  • how pure of heart you both are, sharing your hugs and smiles freely with all those that surround you
  • being the recipient of those big hugs and smiles AND kisses, in the morning when I get you out of bed, whenever I come home from work or at night when you're headed off to sleep
  • how well you've learned right from wrong, and how you are quick to let me know when someone at the playground is not playing nicely
  • how you, Pistol, seem to be getting less cautious the closer to 3 you get
  • how you, LongRifle, can learn practically all the words to a song after just one listen
  • how you both break out in song no matter where we are or who is around, in the car, at Target, while we're getting ready for bed, etc. and the way you sometimes just sing whatever it is you want to say
  • how there are days, like today, when you make me realize that this is what I always dreamed of






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