Friday, June 12, 2009

Adventures In Boot Camp Potty Training...

Sprry I've been MIA for the last few days I've been knee & elbow deep in bodily fluids--just kidding! But I will tell you that this will be a post WITHOUT pictures---LOL!!.

I worked Monday decided I'd finish all my paperwork come hell or high water and start my lovely summer vacation. I also decided that this Wednesday I'd begin our rigorous boot camp potty training (or as DrillSgt. would name it BCPT). Btw, thanks to Grammy, LongRifle had already been pottying in the morning for about a week, but she kept telling me any time I asked her later in the day "I already went potty mamá". Since I was still working I decided not to push the issue. Tuesday we headed to the library and I asked my friend for some advice, she shared that m&m's worked well for her daughter. I also decided that we'd go cold turkey on the diapers during the day (except for naptime & nighttime where we'd be using pull-ups) and we'd only be wearing Princess chonies (underwear).

Here's the run-down so far:

Day 1:

LongRifle goes potty in am, Pistol refuses (we sat for quite awhile). I tell them IF they pee in the potty they will get a sticker to put on, one for their chart (for free potty charts click here I used this one) and an (yes ONE) m&m.

I then put them in Princess chonies (which they were happy about) told them not to pee-pee on the Princesses and head off to make breakfast. Pistol follows me into the kitchen, squeezes her legs together and pees on the floor (so glad we have linoleum)! I scoop her up, run her to the bathroom, sit her on the potty where she does a mini-trickle of whatever was left. I make a BIG deal of her tiny trickle, give her the Aurora sticker she's been waiting for, we wash her hands, give her the m&m, and go put a sticker on her chart. Before breakfast is totally consumed we have gone through 3 wet Princess chonies between the 2 of them.

Then I get the bright idea to move the potty chairs to where we are (in the living room), let them watch cartoons and sit on the potty, I start pushing the fluids like a madwoman, and keep encouraging them to watch TV and sit and drink. Woohoo, it worked, Pistol, grand resistor extraordinaire, FINALLY goes in the potty! After doing our routine, dump it, flush, wash your hands, get your m&m, put a sticker on the chart, we get on the phone to call Grammy & Welo and give them the good news!

Sure we had a couple more accidents (for a total of 5 chonies) and a couple of wet pull-ups, a total of 3 stickers for LongRifle and 2 for Pistol, A LOT of "I gotta go pee" and hurry and run to help them, but not too bad for BCPT Day 1.

Day 2:

Seemed a little more difficult for some reason. Only 3 wet chonies, they held it A LOT longer. 2 stickers for LongRifle, 1 for Pistol. Pistol had a dry pull-up after naptime. Spending some time outside seems to be helping (our sanity--so much easier to hose off the concrete--LOL!), potty chairs go outside too! Head to Grammy & Welo's for dinner, wearing pull-ups, both introduced to Dora potty seat @ Grammy's. LongRifle uses potty there, Pistol has an accident. Return home, both use potty before bed, a couple of accidents during the night. Pooing is an entirely different story---I don't think they're convinced.

Day 3:

Pistol woke up with a DRY pull-up (of course she didn't fall asleep until 1 am and I woke them up @ 7:30). LongRifle doing well. She tells me, "Don't worry mamá, I won't pee on my Princess!" Had appointment to visit preschool I want them to attend this fall (probably middle of July, just so we can get used to the routine), so we put them in pull-ups & met Grammy there. Filled her in on the scoop. Had grand tour, which included a visit to the restrooms there and a chance to see other kids their age using the potty. Both Pistol and LongRifle asked to go SEVERAL times while we were there but did nothing. They play & have snack with kids while Director gives us the rundown of the program, finally @ 10:30 am Pistol goes potty there, even the teachers make a BIG deal & give her a sticker. Left preschool @ 11am and both of them still had dry pull-ups!

Go have lunch, return home, both still have dry pull-ups, LongRifle uses potty before nap time. I head off to store leaving DrillSgt. in charge. According to DrillSgt.'s report, both wake up from nap with dry pull-ups, both sit & try, LongRifle uses potty before heading outside w/ DrillSgt. Pistol has accident outside while DrillSgt headed indoors to get sandals. I return just as DrillSgt is walking back outside.

LongRifle pottys before dinner, spent dinner getting up A LOT because Pistol asking to go potty. She does finally, but acting a bit strange, like she still has to go. She asks for pull-up I realize she has to poo, try to convince her to go, she's not buying it. Hangs out with DrillSgt. sitting on his lap, after a while she gets up and sits down on potty (after some cajoling on my part). I decide to up the ante and offer 2 stickers & 2 m&m's if she'll go poo in the potty. She smiles slightly and I offer to paint her toenails and fingernails pink while she tries. She buys into it & tries, goes poo a little and I make a big deal of it, give her 2 stickers & 2 m&m's (after our hand washing routine AND a quick tushie rinse) and while we're washing hands she gets a look of panic on her face and says "MOM, I'm standing up & I gotta go poo!" I pull her off the step stool get her tushie over the toilet just in time AND she goes!!! Woohoo 4 stickers and 4 m&m's, AND then we follow our routine of hand washing and she tells me she's gotta PEE!! Put in a call to Grammy & Welo. She ends the night with a total of SEVEN stickers on her chart and a HUGE smile on her face!! AND LongRifle ended her night with six stickers on her chart and NO accidents for the day!!

*Please pray for us that this BCPT continues to go smoothly*




Anne, Eliza Grace's mom June 13, 2009 at 3:48 AM  

Yay! Poo on the potty is most certainly a four sticker event!

Anonymous June 13, 2009 at 4:46 AM  

Potty training is a new adventure, isn't it. After four children, I'm glad to be done. I can't imagine doing two at once though!

Chelle June 13, 2009 at 6:50 AM  

Great job! Potty training is hard work, but it sounds like LongRifle & Pistol are moving right along.

Holly June 14, 2009 at 8:59 AM  

Yay! It sounds like things are going well. I've tried with little flower and she has gone pee-pee once but since then no interest. I'm hoping school helps but maybe I should just bite the bullet and leave her diaper off one day??? Good luck:)

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