Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Pistol, is by nature, a very cautious and reserved little girl. My grandmother from Texas arrived yesterday and although we spent the majority of the day with her, Pistol just refused to warm up. LongRifle, on the other hand, took to her immediately, just as she does with anyone she meets. LongRifle is my never-met-a-stranger-everyone-is-my-friend child. She will gravitate toward anyone that extends a pair of open arms. We're going to have to keep a very close eye on her. Luckily, they are already into tattling on one another and will make a noise of some sort to warn us that something is amiss with Sissy (ti-ti).

TheDrillSgt. is by far Pistol's favorite human being in the whole world. Coming in a close second is Grammy, me, and finally Welo. As of late, since Welo has been home due to recovering from surgery to repair a torn meniscus, Welo is quickly catching up to me, and maybe even Grammy (don't tell Grammy) in Pistol's eyes. I, however, seem to be LongRifle's favorite, followed by Welo, TheDrillSgt., then Grammy. I will admit, it's nice to be someone's favorite, I find it amusing how they seem to have their preferences, and I'm sure down the road our ranking will change. I am eternally grateful however that there are plenty of adults to go around, to share the position of being the favorite, and all the responsibility doesn't fall on me. Even ta-ta-ta becomes the chosen one when she walks in the door. They let out a squeal of delight (which she absolutely LOVES) just at the sight of her.




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