Monday, October 15, 2007


I should have set this blog up a long time ago, after all the girls are one and a half already! I've decided to start this because I want to keep track of the happenings in Da'Gorgeouses lives & I want them to be able to come back and see this someday. They change so quickly & I can't believe it was just last May that they were born at 23weeks 5 days weighing 1.4 & 1.5 lbs. They're doing amazingly well & have managed to keep me on my toes every single day!

Last night I was trying to think of nicknames for them, collectively we call them Da'Gorgeouses, but they have to have their own names. I'm not big on nicknames, I feel that somehow sets another label on you, but I also don't want to put them out there just like that. Henceforth, the oldest (by 1 min) will be named Pistol, her twin will be known as LongRifle and their daddy shall be called TheDrillSgt., and me, well I'm just MamáChanga. While the girls were in the NICU for 14+ weeks, they were given those nicknames by TheDrillSgt. He's a former Marine (well, you know, once a Marine, always a Marine) and somewhere along the way managed to go back into the military (the Army) and became a DrillSgt. I asked him last night what his nickname would be, he wanted something like MsomethingHowiter, or TheCanon, but it just didn't suit me, and since this is my blog and he came up w/ their nicknames, it's only fitting that I should get to pick his.

LongRifle was given her name because TheDrillSgt. noticed that her legs were really long, and she had an easy-going mellow personality. Her sister on the other hand was smaller, but more muscular with tons of attitude (a spitfire), so in keeping w/ the weapons theme TheDrillSgt. named her Pistol (and boy has she lived up to it).




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