Friday, October 19, 2007

My future stars

Elmo is a big hit in our household. HE is the reason LongRifle goes around singing "la, la, la". Yesterday on Sesame Street Andrea Bocelli was singing Elmo a lullaby to put him to sleep, when lo and behold, I hear LongRifle singing her "la, la, la" to the same beat as the lullaby---it was soooo cute! Pistol sings too, only she has been taking lessons from the best. She knows how all the famous people do it, she will pretend to mouth the words when a song comes on that she likes. It's hilarious to watch her move her little mouth to the words without any sound. It's like watching a video of her with the mute button on.

Although Pistol likes to sing to the music, she loves to dance to it. Any type of music sends her tiny little body into movement. She doesn't just move to dance, she moves her ENTIRE body, her shoulders, her head, her torso, her hips, her feet ALL move to the beat. Pistol is non-discriminating when it comes to music, she'll dance to anything. Her favorite song by far is "El Rey Tiburón" by Maná. We actually noticed her love for music during last season's American Idol. We watched it all, but noticed that she would crane her head, spin around, whatever she needed to do to pay attention, only when a really good singer was onscreen. Although LongRifle prefers to sing, we did find out, quite by accident, that she likes to dance to hip-hop. She will also shake her stuff to Maná, but one day without any prompting, she began moving like Shakira when she heard that hip-hop beat.

Whatever my girls decide to do in life as a career is fine by me. I remember telling DrillSgt. early on that his long, cool drink of water (LongRifle) had the perfect legs to become a Coyote Ugly dancer. I think, however, that I may have had it wrong. She might be singing her way to stardom while her ti-ti choreographs and stars in her videos. Then again, they can always choose to be doctors or lawyers or the President, but they're going to have to work their way through college somehow!




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