Thursday, October 25, 2007


Pistol had me rolling yesterday! First, she started by shocking me when I went to get her out of her crib in the morning. Since it's just me, I have to take out one at a time, change and put her in the high chair, then go do the same with the other. I try my best to alternate who gets picked up first, so I've come up with a plan that seems to work out. I grab a wallet sized family photo that's on their dresser, go through the names of everyone (papá, mamá, grammy, welo, etc.) then I give it to the one that will be staying the in crib, along with a book. Well, yesterday it was LongRifle's turn to stay in the crib. When I gave her the book, Pistol said clear as day "book", and kept repeating it until I gave her one too!

Later, Welo came over to visit. Da'Gorgeouses were supposedly down for a nap, and after an hour and a half of working on getting them to sleep, I gave up and brought them back out to play. So Welo is talking to them and Pistol is trying to do something she's not supposed to, so Welo is telling her no. He asks her a question--- something like come up here and go to sleep with Welo---and she replies, "naaaahhh." We couldn't help but laugh, and as you all know that's the best encouragement for repeating. She even had LongRifle saying it by the end of the night. Naaaaahhh, was the favorite word of the day yesterday!




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