Thursday, October 25, 2007

Pumpkin Patch

We took Da'Gorgeouses to the Pumpkin Patch today. It was a field trip for the Bright Start program, but hardly anyone else showed up. Joan, Marisa and MaryAnn were already there (see them dressed up in the picture) and they were expecting the lady with the triplets to show up, but they never came. It was VERY hot today and Pistol just HATES the heat. Overall, they did fine, and had as much fun as I think they possibly could. Of course, I think we all melted a little standing out in the heat.

We showed up with a huge entourage Grammy, Welo, Welita (g-ma from Tx) all wanted to be a part of Da'Gorgeouses first trip to the Pumpkin Patch---even Drill Sgt. had a minimum day for students and managed to show up really quick on his lunch hour. We didn't get to really enjoy the outings during the holidays last year as we were on lockdown (they came home in August and RSV season started in October).

Drill Sgt. says we might have to stop by Hobb's Grove on Saturday and actually enjoy ourselves a little, maybe even take some better pictures. I think he was a bit sad at not getting to enjoy the full experience of the Pumpkin Patch with Da'Gorgeouses.

Grammy and I took them through the corn maze. Pistol did not like the plastic scary monsters, but didn't mind the plastic alligator. LongRifle eventually warmed up to the plastic scary monsters and even patted them a little (of course I think it helped that we told them they were just mímis---sleeping). They weren't too impressed with the smelly, fly-infested pig or the bunnies that lived with him. They didn't get to ride the cool, fast train that Red Head loved so much. They did like their pumpkins. However, I would have to say that their favorite part of the whole Pumpkin Patch field trip was the shade.




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