Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween Party Storytime @ the Library

Tuesday is the day that Grammy & I take Da'Gorgeouses to our local library for storytime. I will admit that we haven't made it every Tuesday, but we have gone often enough that I can say we're regulars. This last Tuesday was the Halloween Party. There were a lot of little people all dressed up in their costumes listening to the halloween stories being read. The library people that put on the storytime hour do a great job of organizing everything, they not only read stories and make up dances to songs, but they really make the effort to get to know the kids that come to visit regularly.

Da'Gorgeouses had a great time! We even met two other moms and their multiples---those ladies have TRIPLETS!!! One of them always flies solo (God bless her I don't know how she does it), the other brings along grandpa. I was slightly embarrassed because here I show up with only my twins and Grammy, Welo and Welita (the G) as our entourage.




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