Thursday, November 1, 2007

Red Head's Mom


Red Head's mom is Da'Gorgeouses PHN (public health nurse). Since August of last year she's been coming out to assess the them, first weekly, then twice a month, now once a month. During her visits she weighs them, measures their length, listens to their heart, lungs and belly, and checks their overall health. She used to measure their head circumference, but now that their fontanel is closed she doesn't have to do that anymore.

Yesterday was their monthly checkup. I'm glad to report that they are doing GREAT!! They passed all of their 12 month developmental milestones and even showed off a bit of their walking and talking skills to her. Pistol now weighs 20 lbs. 8 oz. and measures 29 1/2 inches and LongRifle weighs 20 lbs. 14 oz. and measures 30 3/4 inches long. Da'Gorgeouses know the drill, she gets out the scale, they're fighting to get in it. She brings out the stethoscope, they're tugging at it until she lets them play with it. The way they see it, that bag she brings with her is fair game for exploration. Notice Pistol wearing the stethoscope in the slide show---yup, she did that all by herself (there's our future Neonatologist in training).

Last year during lockdown (RSV season) Red Head's mom was one of my few links to the outside world. She not only checked on Da'Gorgeouses well being but she answered my questions, provided me with a sense of sanity, and kept a close eye on me as well. She's even scolded me for sending out emails too late (now how many people notice the timestamp on those emails?). Now, I know this is part of her job, but she is an amazing, caring, truly exceptional person and I know that had it not been for her great sense of humor and words of encouragement I would have surely gone insane. I could have chosen to decrease the number of visits last May, but the way I see it, you can't have too many objective professional eyes checking on your kids---and I'll have to admit I enjoy her visits!


gardngirl November 2, 2007 at 7:54 PM  

Thank you! :) Visiting you and the girls is lots of fun! It has been amazing to watch them grow up.

I think you're right, you may have a future neonatologist (or 2) on your hands...they loved my stethoscope this past visit!

Red Head continues to be a fan of your site. When we were checking it out just now, the music hadn't yet started and he goes "Hey, where's the Elmo song?!"

These blogs are too much fun!



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