Monday, November 26, 2007

Sisters and Friends

Da'Gorgeouses, having been womb mates, share an exceptionally close relationship. From the beginning I've always had a sense that the rest of us were outsiders intruding upon their space. During their NICU stay they were in separate isolettes for the majority of the time, but once all the tubing came off and they put them in the same isolette (co-bedding) it was an entirely different story. They started to improve in leaps and bounds. Sure they'd fight for space, push each other out of the way, but they'd also reach out, extend and arm over one another, and even suck on the back of each others bald head if the nurses weren't fast enough with their meals. Once we brought them home they slept in our room in the same crib until the day we found LongRifle using Pistol's neck to stand on to get a better view. Today they sleep in the same room, their cribs next to one another, and in the morning when they wake up, I can hear them talking to one another. If Pistol is awake first, I hear her calling out ti-ti, trying her best to wake up her sister. Often times, when Pistol has been crying, I'll walk in and notice that LongRifle has thrown one or more of her stuffed animals into her sister's crib. Don't get me wrong, they have their fights too, but more often than not, I'll catch them hugging, or trying to help one another stand up. At any time any of us adults could ask them for a kiss and sometimes be turned down, but when you ask them to kiss their sister it's done without a moments hesitation. They've even started hugging and kissing one another on their own. Every time I see them do it, I get a little emotional. I have an awesome relationship with my sister, but I can't even fathom how much closer we'd be if we had started out together from the very beginning as womb mates. Da'Gorgeouses have an amazing relationship, one I pray that they keep and continue to nourish as the years go by.




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