Monday, January 28, 2008

A Day with Ta-ta-ta & TioMik

We had a blast yesterday when we went to visit my sister (ta-ta-ta) and her dh (TioMik). Da'Gorgeouses LOVE visiting as there are plenty of things they can get their little hands on, not to mention the cats they get to chase around and try to pet. Every time we walk in to her house there are squeals of delight emitting from my children, followed quickly by outstretched hands so that ta-ta-ta can pick them up and carry them. I think she quite enjoys her baby fix too, and has even started to acquire toys to keep at her house especially for their visits. Heck, yesterday they were even given a designated box to keep their toys in! LOL, who knew the baby stuff would eventually overflow to EVERY household we visit.

I did crochet her a cute hat & am still working on her scarf to match. I'm pretty sure she liked the hat, now if I can only get the scarf work out! No, I didn't get any pictures of it, darn!




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