Sunday, January 27, 2008

60th wedding anniversary

About a month ago we were invited to attend the 60th wedding anniversary of the wonderful lady (& her husband) that made our wedding cake. Now I will tell you that after being married to my wonderful, amazing dh the first year, I REALLY began to appreciate the fact that so many couples stay married for so long! I even remember making a comment to my mom that it takes a lot of WORK and COMMITMENT for a marriage to function properly. Here we are 12 years later and I am totally AMAZED that she and her husband have been married for 60 YEARS!! My mom made a joke the other day that they were married the same year she was born. They looked as happy as can be, and although their personalities are very different (he's shy and quiet, very soft-spoken and she is bubbly, boisterous, and definately an extrovert) they make a beautiful couple. We made sure to call and ask way before attending the function, if we could take Da'Gorgeouses and she said yes. So we dressed them up in their frilly, best going out to a fancy function dresses and went. They had a wonderful time and were very well behaved, they ate their fancy meal, enjoyed a slice of cake, and even broke in their dancing shoes. Since they were THE ONLY children in attendance they were the talk of the party. Someday when they're older I'm going to have to remind them of this extra special event. It's not often (in today's world) that you have the opportunity to attend and share in such an amazing, beautiful and joyous occasion---celebrating 60 YEARS of MARRIAGE---in the life of two very special people.




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