Wednesday, January 9, 2008


We made a trip to Children's Hospital for an orthopedic consult for LongRifle today. We noticed awhile ago that she was having some trouble with her walking skills, particularly her left foot. Well, the doc checked her out, examined her hips, moved her legs, had an x-ray done and reviewed it, said she looked PERFECT!!! Whew, what a relief!

After the appointment we met ta-ta-ta for lunch, then went over to her house for awhile. I tried helping her with her computer which meant that she and DrillSgt. had to keep an eye on the girls. LOL! They had a little taste of what my day is like, but DrillSgt kept reminding me that at least at home we have a way to barricade them from all the tempting stuff. He also said our home is not as tempting as my sisters---so true! Anyways, it was a long day and when we finally did make it back home, Da'Gorgeouses were so relieved.




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