Monday, January 7, 2008

Wagon Ride

DrillSgt. hosed down the RadioFlyer red wagon so we could take Da'Gorgeouses out for a stroll on our "back 20". LOL, it's 7/10 of an acre, but we're in a really great location. To see the front of our home, you'd never realize what was hidden back there, but I think the girls will have fun having that much space to roam around in. So today they went out back for a wagon ride to take a look at our 3 dogs, 2 roosters, and the neighbors 6 horses. They also had a chance to eat some of DrillSgt's sweet tangerines straight of the tree, and I had a chance to try out my new Christmas present.

BTW, these are the crochet hats I made them (brown, pink & maroon w/ tassels). I'll have to say I like the way they turned out & were fairly easy to make. Thanks again to the Divine Ms. M!




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