Friday, January 4, 2008

I think they're on to us...

Da'Gorgeouses no longer want to take a nap while at Grammy & Welo's house. We've never left them without telling them we're leaving and that we'll be back, but I think they worry about us leaving them and going out to have some fun of our own. If they only new and understood how much of a recharge it is for us to get out once in awhile. I know they have a great time while visiting, but I'm not so sure they like the idea of sleeping over. I told DrillSgt. that we have to try to leave them overnight once a month or every other month (depending on Grammy & Welo of course), but I feel bad because I miss them (so does DrillSgt.---I think more than even I do) and my parents look sooooo exhausted the next day.

On a lighter note, they will be attending their first official "friend" birthday party. JP's little girl is turning two! She's been out here to visit the girls a couple of times & this will be the first time we go to visit her. I'm excited for the girls and excited to be around other adults! Man, I need to get out more! LOL.




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