Saturday, January 5, 2008


Da'Gorgeouses had a GREAT time at the birthday party today. It was so nice to see them interacting so well with other children so close in age to them. They were for the most part well-behaved and made sure to keep sight of us whenever they did venture off. It was also funny to see them keep track of each other. At one point a little boy (very active and a little rough) grabbed Pistol in a choke hold from behind, she kind of panicked but didn't cry, but LongRifle was right in front of her watching the entire thing go down. She immediately stepped forward to grab onto her sister, and if the mother of that little boy hadn't intervened, I just know she was going to pull her behind her and step up to him. She had the look of being ready to scrap. Mind you, he had her by at least 15 lbs and was at least 1/2 a year older. I guess she figures only she is allowed to roughhouse and mistreat Pistol. BTW, I don't in any way, shape or form condone violence---but I was really proud of her standing up for her sister like that!

On our way home we stopped @ Welita E's house to visit. She was in bed with the lights off, so was tiaByrd but they got up to visit with us. The girls were shy at first, but warmed up quickly. It was funny though, tioJM stopped by and LongRifle immediately extended her arms asking him to pick her up. Then she stayed there cool as a cucumber until he had to leave. He always seems to be the most relaxed and content, she probably identifies well with that.


gardngirl January 7, 2008 at 8:24 PM  

I'm rooting for LongRifle, the little scrapper!!!JK I don't condone violence either but the way you describe the incident in your post is pretty funny! That boy did not know who he was messin' with! Watch out for those preemies! Especially when they're twins! :)



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