Sunday, February 3, 2008

Push the Button!

DrillSgt. and I went on a date again. Welo and Grammy volunteered to keep Da'Gorgeouses overnight so we wouldn't have to worry about getting back early to get them to bed. It was a nice, relaxed evening with a trip to Costco (have to keep the diapers stocked you know), a nice romantic dinner, a funny movie date (Eva Longoria is hilarious in Over Her Dead Body), and an almost midnight trip to the bookstore. DrillSgt. and I always ended up at the bookstore on our dates bc (before children). Anyways, when we went to pick them up on Sunday morning, my parents had a funny story to tell. They took Da'Gorgeouses out to dinner with my sis & bil and for the most part they behaved (the girls that is) but my dad said on the way back to their house something had gone wrong with the dvd player in the car and LongRifle started kicking it and yelling "PUSH THE BUTTON" several times. It's funny to me because 1) it didn't happen to me, and 2) although we always tell them push the button when we turn it on, we've NEVER heard either one of them repeat it. According to my dad she yelled it VERY clearly and knew exactly what she was talking about. Inevitably, this tirade caused them to pull over and...push the button. I guess she's finally figured out talking is the best way to get someone to do something for you.




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