Thursday, March 20, 2008

Horton Hears a Who!

We took Da'Gorgeouses & Angel to watch Horton Hears a Who on Tuesday. I was worried that they were too young to enjoy watching a movie on the big screen and that we were going to spend all our time trying to keep them in their seats or worse standing out in the lobby. I even tried to convince Grammy to go with us, just in case we were going to have to leave...I didn't want poor Angel to miss watching it. Turns out we didn't take Grammy after all (she wasn't feeling well) and it was just fine because we didn't even need her there. Da'Gorgeouses sat on our lap through the ENTIRE movie, eyes glued to the screen even as they reached into the big bucket of popcorn---LOL!! It was so cute to watch them watching the movie. I loved it!! DrillSgt. and I did not even expect such a wonderful first movie experience from them, they truly surprised us. The funny thing was that there were a lot of other kids there and they were noisy and complaining, running up and down the aisles (that's what I thought my kids were going to do!). Nope, it was such a glorious experience I wish I had videotaped it! We ran into a collegue of mine later & she said she had taken her boys to watch it too, only hers both threw up from eating so much popcorn, good thing Da'Gorgeouses eat one piece at a time (and we ask for it without butter). All I have to say is Dr. Seuss & Da'Gorgeouses ROCK!!!!




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