Monday, March 24, 2008

How Old Are They?!

We get asked that question A LOT. I guess because they're so small and they talk SOOOO much---LOL!! Today we took them to the mall, since my stolen purse was recovered and it still contained the gift certificates they'd been given for Christmas we decided to go out and buy Da'Gorgeouses some spring clothes today. Well, Pistol being her usual self was thanking everyone for their help. She told the lady behind the Old Navy counter that was "mine pant 18 months". She said "Bye -bye, thank you much and gracias" (I guess she used both languages in case she didn't understand her the first time) to the lady that worked behind the counter at the purse section in Gottschalk's and also said "yes twins" when she asked Oh how cute are they twins?! LOL!! She just kills me when she does that. LongRifle had a lengthy conversation with the cashier at JcPenney's so much that the cashier acknowledged that we had two chatterboxes on our hands----yeah, we don't have any idea where they got that from!!!

Anyway, to the question of how old are they, it just seems too much for me to think about how old they are in terms of months so I've just been answering "they'll be turning 2 in May". Then of course comes the "wow, they're small" to which I say, yeah but they were born 4 months early and only weighed 1.4 and 1.5 lbs. That usually leaves people a little stunned and amazed, especially after Pistol answers their questions. I swear those girls are a RIOT!!




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