Wednesday, March 12, 2008

It Begins....

Well, it began. Last weekend was the beginning of our yearly calendar full of events. It always starts in March, usually w/ my mil & sil b-day (which we celebrated on Sunday---pics to follow) , then comes my G's b-day, followed by our godson's b-day, my sis's b-day, my nephews (that's just March btw)...etc., etc. It's always nice to know that during the beautiful spring days we've got somewhere to go and enjoy being with family and friends. Now that Da'Gorgeouses are bigger they are totally going to love all of the travelling and socializing we will be doing, not to mention it's totally going to wear them out and have them asleep at night in no time! Wooohooo!! Still though, because I know it's begun I've already started planning and talking about upcoming events with my family, that way things can get squared away and no one can say we found out at the last minute. Da'Gorgeouses b-day isn't until May, but we've already picked the place, called ahead and set the date and time.




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