Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Drama Queen & The Princess of Spanglish

My drama queen Pistol did much better at group today. They worked on an exercise ball to help strengthen their upper torso as well as give them vestibular stimuli, now I know what to do with the ball that's been sitting in my closet all this time---LOL!! Anyway, both Pistol and LongRifle will do anything for a sticker, this time the pt was trying to persuade Pistol to climb up some stairs to get a sticker. Pistol really wanted one, but she had already climbed up those particular stairs 4 times and wasn't looking forward to doing it again. She kept trying to go around the stairs, to reach for the stickers in the PT's hand, but nope, it just wasn't happening. She was going to have to climb those stairs again if she wanted a sticker. When she realized this was the only way she was going to get another one, she placed both hands over her little eyes and just shook her head. It was sooo funny, even the PT was dying she was laughing so much!! Pistol finally did decide to climb the stairs again, I guess the sticker temptation was just too much.

As soon as snack time rolled around wouldn't you know that my two were the first in line to wash their hands?! LongRifle was actually first this time and Pistol was the one having a hard time waiting her turn. I hope this gets better as they get used to the routine. LongRifle actually asked for more strawberries at the snack table, still using her Spanglish saying "gimmie uno strawberry?!" Well, everyone understood what she wanted which is the point of the exercise anyway. They don't really emphasize which language to use as there are Spanish speaking only children in group also. So Pistol and LongRifle could have asked for more strawberries or said mas fresa and either would have been just fine.

Group today concluded with circle time, which worked out great. The girls love the name song and both went up and sat on Joan's lap and held the pom pom while their name was being sung. They did better sitting in the chairs when it was someone else's turn and participated very well in the Happy and You Know It song, stomping, clapping and shouting hooray! Overall it was a much better experience than last time and I'm looking forward to next weeks group. Even I'm working on things---like getting used to them being dirty and full of food or pouring drink down the front of their shirts. Oh well, at least they know to say "I wet, all wet." LOL!! Joan did say I could bring them a bib, but I think I just have to get used to it---besides, none of the other moms bring bibs and they don't seem to have any trouble with their kids getting dirty (maybe I'm just a little ocd?!).

As Joan walked us out today, Pistol made sure to lean over and give her a big kiss, and LongRifle said "bye bye Joan". Do those girls know how to work it or what?!

Thought of the Day: Now that Pistol has transferred her behavior of biting to LongRifle and she's had a taste of her own medicine, how long will it be before a) I find them biting each other at the same time or b) the behavior stops alltogether?




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