Wednesday, April 16, 2008

An Exceptional Day

Okay, so last night while I was working on writing the post for today my computer just died. Turns out the electrical socket gave out but everything else is just fine, good thing we had a surge protector hooked up & that I'd been slowly moving over all our pics to the external hard drive. Whew!!

Today was a great day with Da'Gorgeouses, well...every day I have with them is a great day, but today was exceptional!! Thinking back over the events of today all I can do is smile. We didn't do anything out of the ordinary, we just seemed to have had a lot of fun. I played hide and seek and would scare them by growling when they found me, they'd shriek and run away laughing only to come right back to where I was. I was laughing so hard tears were rolling down my face, and that was all right before bedtime. Grammy and I had taken them out earlier that morning for a trip to Mervyn's and they behaved pretty well considering it was almost lunchtime/nap time. We came home had a great lunch, rocked them a little then I reminded them that Joan was coming for a visit and that had Pistol wanting to go right to her bed. Funny how she'll sometimes shake her head that she doesn't want to take a nap, but when I tell her someone is coming for a visit and she has to take a nap first...well, then she'll nod yes that she's ready for bed. She is sometimes a little on the impatient side, so maybe it helps time go faster for her. Not to mention that she's usually pretty sleepy and super ready for a nap. She's quite the grouch if she doesn't get enough sleep (that's totally a trait she gets from me).

Joan came over and was really interested in seeing how we'd set up our backyard for them. Marisa had been telling her all about it, and she really wanted to check them out in action. She was pleased that we had quite a few playthings that would help further develop their gross motor skills. Our uneven backyard with all it's dips and small hills was even a plus in her eyes (thank you gophers)---LOL!! Da'Gorgeouses were very happy to have her back there with them, and kept coming over to her to grab her hand and lead her somewhere. At one point Pistol even yelled for Joan to help her out of the wagon DrillSgt was pulling them around in. I thought it was funny how she yelled for Joan to help her instead of me. LongRifle noticed and pointed out the reflection of the toys in Joan's glasses. When DrillSgt. came home she did the same to him. The visit lasted quite awhile, so long in fact that she was running a little late in picking up her grandson from daycare. It's funny how all of the people that come work with Da'Gorgeouses always end up spending extra time with us (I know I'd have trouble if it were me in their shoes). Joan was impressed with the extent of their vocabulary (as was I) when she grabbed one of the new books we had laying there. Turns out while I was at my meeting yesterday DrillSgt. went over many of the pictures and words in the new book, wouldn't you know that LongRifle remembered octopus and volcano from his little lesson yesterday?! We also set up the date for their yearly IFSP which will take place next month. I believe the main focus for their goals and objectives will be on gross and fine motor skills. Marisa was glad to hear that I had decided to only keep them in the gross motor group and not add the social group (which means she still gets to have her weekly visit with them).

Thought of the Day: Why is it that almost 2 years later, I'm still getting bills and insurance information from the day Da'Gorgeouses were born?!


gardngirl May 8, 2008 at 2:46 PM  

So glad that Marisa get to continue her visits. Way to go MamaChanga!!!



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