Thursday, April 3, 2008

I'm Tired

I'm tired of people making appointments with me and then calling me 30 minutes after the fact only to tell me that they have to reschedule. I know things come up, that I totally understand, but when I tell my children in the morning and right before their nap that so & so is coming and they don't show, well then they just make a liar out of me. Not to mention that when Da'Gorgeouses wake up from their nap I have to tell them we can't go outside right now because we're waiting for so & so to show up, and then so and so never shows. Thank goodness they both don't have elephant memories like Pistol. Ugghhh, anyway, enough ranting about that.

Today my mom (Grammy) and I had a great talk while the girls were down for a nap. She was helping me get the house in order for so & so and we just got to talking, pretty much about everything, Da'Gorgeouses, organizing, future plans, etc. It's so nice to have an adult conversation some times. More often than not, DrillSgt. and I are just too busy with Da'Gorgeouses to engage in those long-winded adult conversations, and when we're out on a date...well, who wants to talk about super serious stuff. Since I get up with him in the mornings we do have a chance to talk before he leaves for work and then a little at night after Da'Gorgeouses go to bed, but gone are the days of all those philosophical conversations we used to have.

As for my old friends...well, they're super busy with their lives & families too, not to mention that most of them live out of town. I usually talk to my sister, but for the next 2 weeks her dh is on vacation and I don't feel right interrupting. I wish I had enjoyed the MOMS Club meeting a bit more, but I just didn't feel like I fit in, their parenting styles were waaay too different, and their conversations were not my cup of tea. I'd better stop because this is turning into a poor, pity me post and that's not what I'm after---LOL!!!

After breakfast today I gave Da'Gorgeouses a bath. They so love their bathtub baths and behave really well even though it's just mamá bathing them. After bath time they wait patiently with their towels wrapped around them until I've gotten both of them out of the tub, then they head over to "boom boom penguin" (that's the saying I tell them when I throw them on my bed---boom boom because that's what they say when they fall down and penguin for the penguin sheets sometimes put on my bed) and play peek-a-boo each other while I dry them off, put on their diaper and lotion them. It's just amazing at how well those little people adapt to routines.

They used to ask for Welo or Grammy or Papá, now they ask and answer. Welo working, papá he's working, Grammy...well, they usually wait for me to answer that one. Some days she works, some days she's headed over to our house for lunch. As soon as she rings the doorbell and lets herself in they start pleading "up, up, up Grammy". Funny how they don't do that with me. Lunch, then nap, wake up, snack then playtime until papá comes home.

Pistol and I have come up with a game we like to play. I sing (well not the words but kind of like hum the melody) to some of the popular songs she knows and she tries to name them. She can correctly name the Curious George, Word World, Sesame Street, Barney, Calliou, and Clifford theme songs, she can also correctly name the hokey pokey, libby lou and itsy bitsy spider songs. I need to add some more songs to my repertoire. LongRifle will play too, only she doesn't find it as fun, maybe it's because she can carry a tune better than I can! It's a good game to play to keep them entertained at the doctor's office or the grocery store, sometimes we sing the ABC's and I really don't even think about who might be listening to me. Never thought I'd sing out loud anywhere other than church or the shower, unbelievable what 2 little human beings can make you do!

Yesterday LongRifle looked at me as I walked in to pick her up from her nap and said "OH NO! What happened?!" She then looked at her Pluto pillow she had thrown on the floor and said "Pluto fall down". Poor Pluto I said, he didn't fall you threw him on the floor to which Pistol remarked, "Poor Pluto. I sorry." They're just too funny. I can't believe they're almost 2 and here I am having conversations with them. Endless hours of entertainment, I can't wait to start having all those philosophical conversations with them! How long do you think it will take?!


Treighsie April 4, 2008 at 5:02 AM  

Your daughter ARE gorgeous!!!

gardngirl May 8, 2008 at 2:22 PM  

That so & so wasn't me I hope...

I am finally back. My laptop had a bug and had to be restored to it's factory settings...I'm catching up on all the good stuff now!



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