Friday, April 4, 2008

LongRifle Sings

We had a busy and productive day today. I was able to take care of a lot of things around the house that needed to be done, Da'Gorgeouses napped very well and we convinced (well we didn't have to try that hard) Marisa to go outside with us for her visit. Da'Gorgeouses LOVE being outdoors and today was the perfect day for it. I had been cooking most of the morning and preparing food for dinner so the house was really warm, the shade from the trees outside and the cool breeze blowing looked so inviting. So when she got here we put on our shoes and headed outside. LongRifle was in her element and was talking up a storm. Marisa brought the hokey pokey Elmo and LongRifle knew exactly what to do. She looked for the on button under his foot and tried hard to press his hand---all the while saying a sentence that sounded quite jumbled but sort of like a rapid "can you turn on hokey pokey?". I laughed and told Marisa you know she just said she wanted to turn on the hokey pokey and when we pressed the button LongRifle started singing 3-4 word sections of the hokey pokey with Elmo. She said things like Elmo fall down, okay I pick you up, but the most amazing thing she said today was during our evening trip to Wal-Mart. She was in the cart being pushed by DrillSgt. and hadn't seen me in awhile (I'd made my great escape since Grammy had Pistol in her cart). Well, DrillSgt. said LongRifle started looking around and said, "Mamá, where are you?" over and over. Then when she saw me she said, "Oh, Mamá right there" all of it clear as a bell. She's usually in a hurry to speak so it always sounds like she's speaking in sentences, but it's very difficult for us to figure out what she's saying, usually I'm the only one that can decipher it and that's only sometimes, and probably only because I spend the most amount of time with her.

She's also started singing a lot more, composing her own songs. Tonight she was singing about an elephant. A lot of sentences I couldn't understand, but she'd also add a la, la, la, pa, pa, pa here and there to make it sound just like a song. What a crack up! She also loves to listen to people singing. My aunt and her husband sing and he plays guitar. Whenever he takes out his guitar you're sure to find LongRifle glued to his side. I wonder at what age she can start learning how to play?




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