Friday, April 18, 2008


Okay, this biting thing has got to get under control. Now it seems that they are both trying to bite me!! Funny thing is, they don't immediately chomp down on me as they do with each other. They come toward me slowly, their little mouth wide open lean forward and proceed to try to clamp on! Of course by this time I have picked up my lower jaw off the ground (because I can't really believe my eyes) and I'm starting to yell "NO DON'T BITE!!!!" Of course Pistol was in tears after my yelling at her and ran straight to Grammy, LongRifle just looked up at me, smiled and walked away. Maybe they're teething----2 year molars maybe?!! I don't even know what to think.

I took a trip with Da'Gorgeouses to Wallyworld, now they don't have a double cart so I have to take them in the double stroller. This can be a good thing as it prevents me from buying too much stuff and I know I won't be spending much time there. As I approached the checkout line, the nice young man somewhere in his early twenties wanted to know if they were twins. When I told them they were he said "That's sooo cool!!" then proceeded to ask a ton of questions like "is it pretty tough?" was it hard carrying them? (this he said while making a cute little pregnant bump with his hands on his belly)" He was of course shocked when I told him it was easy being pg as they were only in there about half the time they were supposed to be. When he learned how small they were and how long they had been in the hospital all he could say was "I'll bet that was scary! WOW they look GREAT, you can't even tell!" It's so funny to see people's reactions towards twins. Grammy and I were stopped yesterday at a local hardware store by a lady soon to turn 40 who was dying to have a set of twins, she wanted to know how it had happened, "do twins run in your family?". Why yes, my husband's father was a fraternal twin, and my mom has a half-sister with twins, is always my standard answer to that question.

Pistol and LongRifle had a good visit with Marisa today. They were showing off their talking skills from the get go. I love to wake them up from their nap when she arrives. I ask them if anyone wants to come play with Marisa and that sets them to squealing and screaming and saying "yeah, up, up!!" It must be a great thing to be greeted like that when you come home. DrillSgt. gets the same reaction from them (you really can't detect any hint of jealousy in my words can you?!). Anyway, she brought playdough and some play cookware and a blanket with Sesame Street characters. They loved all three.

DrillSgt came home super tired. Those allergies are getting the best of us. Anyway, he thought it would be nice to try take a little nap with Da'Gorgeouses and brought them over to our bed. I climbed in knowing good and well this just wasn't going to work. He and I on either side and them in the middle is the perfect set up for some serious play time. After about 20 minutes of trying to get them NOT to stand up, or fall off the bed, well, he just gave up. Something about it being more exhausting than just relaxing in the living room with the TV. LOL!! They did discover however that mamá and papá think it's really cool that they can touch their forehead with their toes!!!

Grammy and Welo were nice enough to bring over dinner. Grammy made pork meat with nopales (cactus), and homemade beans, I made the rice. Da'Gorgeouses actually LOVE beans and rice, and this time they even ate the nopales (cactus). It might have helped a little that Grammy told them it was green beans! Welo was super surprised they both ate so much.




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