Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A Day Of Obstinance, Meltdowns and Obsessions

During group today, Pistol was super ornery, she kept screaming saying "NO, NO" to everything we'd try to get her to do. Even when offered a sticker for something she'd still try to pull away and refused to participate in many of the walking exercises. We eventually got her to go through most of them, but it was quite a struggle (even by Pistol standards). LongRifle did a little better, she loves anything that seems challenging & she was even determined to go up the slide instead of down today. Her hard work and perseverance paid off as she made it up the slide only to turn around and go down. The look of pride on her face once she got up to the top was priceless. Pistol did better once we went outdoors. She was able to climb the steps and slide down the slide, something she doesn't like to do very much here at home. It seems that she responds better when the other kids around her are all doing the same thing, indoors she seemed to be focused on what the other kids were doing & wanted to join them instead of working on her obstacle. Unfortunately the indoor obstacles only had room enough for one and neither Pistol nor LongRifle we've discovered are very good at waiting their turn for anything.

Tonight I had a meeting to attend & DrillSgt. stayed home alone with them for a couple of hours. From what he said when I got home, he'd taken them outside for some play time. Well, after dinner they were having one meltdown after another and it wasn't even their bedtime yet. I guess they were trying to tell us that they were exhausted and so we put them down for bed a little earlier than usual. DrillSgt. headed off to Wallyworld and made sure to pick up some much needed stickers. Life around here has become somewhat sticker oriented right before bedtime. Walk into our house and you will notice stickers on the door, the baby gates, and the sofa table. I do laundry and inevitably find stickers in the washer and the dryer---all courtesy of Da'Gorgeouses newly found sticker obsession.




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