Monday, April 7, 2008

Stalker Paparazzi

I was going through the pictures of the last few events we've attended and I realized that I've become a stalker paparazzi of my own daughters. When I have the camera in hand, there are very few pictures of anyone else, or pictures that do not contain one or both of Da'Gorgeouses. I do however, try my best to make sure I turn the camera over to DrillSgt. He tends to be a little better at capturing photos of others or of important sub events like the cutting of the cake or the blowing out of candles. We must have thousands of pictures of Da'Gorgeouses starting from the first day that they were born. The other day we were talking about how we were going to have to get each one their own external hard drive, copy all of their pictures onto each one and hand it over to them when they get older. At the rate we're taking pictures it may end up being more than one external drive they each get!

Da'Gorgeouses speech keeps improving daily. Today Pistol was consciously asking for things by saying "more/mas --insert cookies/(s)tickers/crackers/avocado-- pweeesh" She really drags out the please, lol! After which she'll say "thank you much". She's also really taken to asking you to kiss whatever body part she has just injured, which throughout the day can end up being a lot...mostly it's centered around some portion of her head or face, she tends to run into things or fall face first a lot. Anyway, she'll come up and say "Ow, owie, hurt," and extend said body part and then say "beso". Too cute.

LongRifle, I've noticed, has also started talking in 3-4 word phrases/sentences. I was playing around with them and curled myself up into a ball and pretended I was asleep, she looked at me and said "mamá get up!". Have I mentioned she does not like to see anyone sleeping? If Welo or Grammy are falling asleep and she's in the room it just isn't happening. She will go over to them and bang on their knees or throw herself onto them just to wake them up. I don't really know why that bothers her so much, I'll have to ask her when she's older. Today she also said "mas popcorn" and "mas aguacate". I've noticed she's the one that really pick up on the words in Spanish, maybe because they are sometimes easier to say? LongRifle will also say please, although less often but she will say "your wocom (welcome)" and "thank you". They've also both learned to cover their mouth & say "excuse me" after burping---sometimes they'll even go so far as to remind others to say excuse me after they've burped---LOL!!!

Pistol will use words in English but if we give her a puzzled look or try to ignore her, she'll switch to the Spanish word. Take for instance her asking for her spoon tonight. She asked several times for her "poon" and since we weren't fast enough for her liking she said "cuchara". LongRifle did that switching of words thing the other day too. Grammy & I had taken them to a restaurant and I had a fork on my plate, LongRifle pointed and said "fok" I gave her a puzzled look and asked her to repeat it (I hadn't realized she knew the difference between the word spoon & fork yet) she said "fok" again and then immediately said "poon" I guess so I would understand exactly what she was asking for. Never a dull moment...and I wouldn't have it any other way!




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