Sunday, April 13, 2008

Weekend Update

Well, our yard sale went well. We earned enough to purchase Da'Gorgeouses 2 (must have one for each you know) Little Tikes Cozy Coupe II cars . Marisa gave us the idea for that on Friday. She told us that when her family would have yard sales they always had a specific item that they set the money aside for, kind of like an incentive or goal in mind considering there's so much work involved---lol!! Well, DrillSgt. and I really liked that idea. We were planning on buying Da'Gorgeouses those cars for their birthday anyway, but this really gave us a clear idea of what to spend the money on. So now I'm really excited to have another one (yes there are still a lot of clothes that I have to get rid of), my children seem to be the Imelda Marcos of clothing (plus they have a pack rat for a mother and she has found it very difficult to part with their tiny baby outfits). I think the next item I'm going to yard sale for is a double jogging stroller.

I've thought about a double side by side stroller because now that they're almost two, having them in the Graco duoglider stroller just allows them each a turn at kicking the other in the back. You haven't really lived until you've had a chance to give two very angry, very sleepy toddlers a chance to tick off their sibling by kicking them in the back and not letting them sleep. So I'm going to look into purchasing one of the double strollers that allow them to sit side by side, this way they can annoy each other equally and I don't have to make sure to switch their seats so that LongRifle or Pistol can now have her 30 minutes of kicking her sister in the back. (Sometimes it's not just about fairness and equality, sometimes it's just about maintaining mommy's sanity---LOL!!)


LongRifle started saying her name more clearly today. It's funny how they both pronounce words differently. For the longest time Pistol has been able to say Taggie and Tigger, whereas LongRifle still says Gatata, and gata. She can pronounce the t, just not at the beginning of a word. I guess it's just a matter of development, funny how they each have their strengths in specific areas and their affinity for different things. Pistol has always loved language, she loves to watch us pronounce words and mimics and picks them up quickly. LongRifle has always loved expressive words and sounds and has always mimicked and picked those up quickly (she loves to say Oh WOW!!!, oooooo, and she'll wake up singing). They're just two, very different little girls. LongRifle is more advanced than Pistol in the gross motor area, whereas Pistol has better fine motor skills. I'm grateful to have had the opportunity to stay home the last two years to watch them develop, I know I've learned things about them I may not have had I been busy working. Teaching can definitely crowd into your home life, but I'm going to do my best to keep work and home separate.

Thought of the day: Why didn't I buy the small handheld dustbuster sooner?! It's made life so much easier cleaning up after Da'Gorgeouses. No more dragging out that big heavy vacuum, now I can clean up the mess right away and clean it up again and again every 10 minutes.




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