Monday, May 5, 2008

3 Days

This morning as I was changing Pistol, LongRifle walked into the room, she headed straight for the side of my bed, lowered her head to look under then knelt on all fours. When I asked her what she was after she replied, "Dum". I was a bit puzzled and asked her to repeat it. "Dum" she said and out she pulled the drum that I had hidden under my bed a couple of months ago. Pistol wanted one too so out we went in search of the other "dum". Luckily, they're the tiny ones that don't make much noise, I had only hidden them because they tend to put the sticks in their mouths and I have a fear of them falling onto one of them. Is that unreasonable? Now that they're a little more stable at walking I decided to let them play with the drum again, but I'm still paranoid something might happen--I guess no matter how old they are I'll always be worried about something.

3 days from now Da'Gorgeouses will turn TWO!! Where did the time go? I suppose it passed me by while I was busy taking care of them, hugging them and showering them with love and kisses. You know, growing up not a day or night went by without Welo and Grammy giving me a kiss goodnight and telling me they loved me. And now, it's my turn to carry on the tradition. We have an established routine, rock them, put them into bed, cover them with their blanket, then do a full check, blanket, taggie, teddybear, a kiss goodnight and an I love you. Pistol holds me to it, each and every part. If I happen to forget something, she reminds me, or if I'm headed out to refill a bottle or find the missing taggie, I have to tell her I'll be right back, otherwise she cries for me until I return.

I love to just hug them, and they both give the best hugs back. Big, strong, bear hugs the kind that once they're bigger will just take your breath away. They take my breath away now of course. We were talking tonight after we had put them down to sleep. Grammy and Welo were saying how they told us they'd be growing up fast, they wouldn't want us to be holding them anymore, they'd want to be walking and running. Just wait they said, soon they'll be going to school, hanging around with their friends and turn and say "goodbye mom, see ya later!" I'm enjoying watching my babies grow, I'm loving every minute of it, and although I may get a little nostalgic for when they were teeny-tiny I am so proud of the progress they've made. Each and every step they take, each and every word, every one of their accomplishments---I KNOW what a miracle it all is, I KNOW how much God has blessed us, because I know exactly where they started...




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