Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Back 2 "School"

I asked LongRifle last night if she was ready to go back to "school". She nodded her little head yes and gave me a big smile. So today we headed back to school. They've been well enough the last couple of days, and I think both they (and I) were in bad need of a day out.

We took them to "school" and it was a jam-packed session--A LOT more kids than we had previously interacted with. I brought along my camera to take some pics of the set-up and give DrillSgt. an idea of what activities and obstacles they work with. Da'Gorgeouses had a wonderful time, they walked in as if they owned the place. As soon as we took their shoes off, we were greeted by the squeals of the adult helpers, glad to see the "twins" back, and then, just like that Da'Gorgeouses were gone (scooped up by one of those squealing adults). Funny thing is, even Pistol, who usually takes a few minutes to loosen up, took off right away. I told you they were ready for a break from home (and from mamá). LongRifle went along with the activities she was directed towards, Pistol did too, only she decided to pick up a "baby" (doll) along the way. Whatever she did the "baby" had to do, it was hilarious watching her. They included outdoor time again today, it seemed to work out well this time as it was a little more structured and someone kept track of the time. The session ended with going back indoors for snack time, and bubbles so Da'Gorgeouses transitioned well and we were able to leave the building without any meltdowns.

During snack time Joan brought out some cookies, applesauce and juice and set them out on the table. LongRifle did a GREAT job waiting her turn to wash up, she only had a little trouble leaving the soapy water behind. Making her put the paper towels in the trash seemed to help distract her, as did immediately pointing her towards the snack table. Pistol however, still seems to be having trouble with waiting her turn for wash-up. For some reason whenever she's waiting behind her sister she feels that she should be the one to go first. Maybe it's because of birth order, maybe a personality thing?? Who knows. Anyway, we managed to get her washed up and pointed towards the table without too much of a fight. And then, as if it were a sign of things to come, Pistol walked straight over to the kidney shaped table (you know the kind where the teacher sits in the cut out center and the kids surround her) and decided SHE wanted that center seat. It was funny watching Joan convince her that the seat right next to the cut out center was actually her seat. Marisa was there and made the comment, "yup, it's a sure sign of future events". LOL!! As snack time was coming to an end, Pistol decided she wanted to leave the table but wanted to take her cup with more apple juice with her, it was a battle of wills between her and Joan ( Joan won of course). Eventually, she decided she didn't want more apple juice after all, but the conversation between the two must have gone on for at least two minutes before Pistol just made the decision to walk away.

Overall Pistol did very well asking for more cookies, more juice, more applesauce. LongRifle took awhile to say anything, but then once she did she was on a roll, "mas cookies", "applesauce, yes", "mas juice". It was nice to hear her speaking so clearly. Grammy and I try to make sure to have Da'Gorgeouses clean up their mess and throw it in the trash, they seem to be getting the hang of that now, and they do a great job of remembering where everything is and what routine to follow.


After my meeting today I headed over to our Public Library. Tonight I checked out The Jungle Book on DVD for Da'Gorgeouses to watch. Now Da'Gorgeouses have never watched the Jungle Book but they have seen a preview of it on some other DVD that they've watched. I knew they would know the title of it as soon as they saw the cover, and I watched as DrillSgt. stared in amazement when they yelled out "the Jungle Book!! watch it!!". They only had a chance to watch part of it, as the TV goes off during dinner (they'd never eat if we left the TV on), so tomorrow we'll finish the rest.

Once dinner was over, they began to play with their toys (after getting their sticker fix). They have a small plastic Pooh, Tigger, Piglet and Eeyore that they like to play with. Well tonight Pistol decided she was going to help Eeyore find a home. She brings him over to me and says, "so sad, Eeyore, house fall down." Remember how I wrote about them watching the Winnie the Pooh DVD? Well that's what she was referring to. In the story Tigger jumps on Eeyore's house and causes it to fall apart. So LongRifle then says, "Tigger break it". Following along I said in my best Eeyore voice, "oh no, I guess I need a new house." So we set out in search of a new house for Eeyore and found one right away (a book works wonders to create a new house for a plastic Eeyore). Da'Gorgeouses thought this was a great idea and it kept them very entertained until it was time to get them into bed.

Thought for the day: Why is Eeyore's name in spellcheck and not Tigger's? This is totally going to keep me up tonight.




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