Tuesday, May 20, 2008

ABC's and 1 to 14!

When Da'Gorgeouses weren't suffering from their 102-103 degree temp or their lack of sleep from last night they had periods of energy and a small desire to play. That's right, they both have it now. You know, having healthy twins is a tough job, they keep you busy, on your toes, there's always something going on, and for me they are way more exhausting than the 250 students I saw daily back when I was teaching. That being said, I would rather have them healthy and at the top of their game than sick. I just hate it when they're sick. It drains me, not only because I don't get much sleep at night (I'm a pansy I don't function well with only 2 hour sleep intervals), but because there's that added emotional toll it takes on me too, that sick with worry that something is seriously wrong. It makes me want to curl up in a ball and just cry, but I don't, I have to be the strong one since everyone else is sick. Does that feeling of worry ever go away?

Anyways, back to those brief periods of fun we had today. LongRifle surprised me by singing her ABC's all the way through along with the LeapFrog toy we bought them for their birthday. Pistol can do most of it, although she gets somewhat bored of singing and stops partway through it--lol! I know she knows the whole song though, she mouths along with it even though she won't say it out loud. LongRifle also counted by herself, she was able to say 1-14 without any assistance. She wasn't counting anything in particular, she was just counting out loud. At least the high temps didn't affect their desire to show off!




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