Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Just Another

cold. That's all it was. We took them into the doctor today. They just love her! They must be the only kids that cry because everyone else gets to go through the door to see Dr. Sid and they have to wait in the waiting room. Too funny! Anyways, she checked them over and said no ear infection (which was my main concern) and other than the cold she didn't see anything wrong. As for the high temps, she said they were probably just trying to fight off the cold, and well, the cold won, again. The dripping, oozing mocos showed up today and DrillSgt. is already trying to figure out how he's going to keep Da'Gorgeouses from touching and interacting with other kids---lol!! He's convinced they got it from the tiny little girl they were hugging and playing with at Mervyn's this weekend. Ummm, yeah, keeping them away from other kids is no longer a possibility, they just love to socialize!

I forgot to write about a package full of gifts they received the other day. Our good friends (we think of them as family) from Oceanside sent them a birthday package. In it were two beautiful dresses for each one, and a set of twin baby dolls. The dresses were a hit and LongRifle likes the red, white & blue one because she can put it on by herself! They both LOVE the baby dolls and it's so cute to watch them use the bottles to feed them. LongRifle even makes the sounds of the baby doll drinking from her bottle. Pistol likes to tuck hers in to sleep, she lays it down, covers it, says "goodnight, go mimis" and gives it a kiss! She even touches it's head and says Amen. They do really pay attention to everything we do.




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