Thursday, May 8, 2008


Dear Pistol and LongRifle,

I just wanted to wish you both a very happy 2nd birthday. I can't believe that two years ago today I was blessed by the miracle of your birth. You both endured the 14 week struggle of the NICU, but having been born with the type of character that superheroes are made of, you arrived home 2 weeks before your actual due date. You fought hard and survived the Preemie Wars and here you both are today. You constantly amaze me with your rapidly expanding vocabulary, and your thirst for knowledge. If given the choice between playing with a toy or sitting down and reading a book you two will always choose the book. The most amazing thing to me is your overall happiness. You're both such happy little people.

Pistol you have the greatest laugh ever, it's one of those giggly belly-laughs that starts way down low and climbs upward until it escapes from your mouth, and it's so contagious that if we happen to be out and about others around us will start laughing too, they just can't help it. You're super smart too, and have a great memory. When we're out and you start naming things or talking to us, others will often stop us to ask just how old you are and why in the world you speak so clearly (and so much). You have the ability to recall words you've only heard once or twice and use them correctly. You're stubborn tenacious too, if you want something I can usually distract you from it for a little while, but as soon as you're done, you're right back to asking for what you wanted before I tried to distract you. AND you won't give up until YOU want to. Someday that quality is going to serve you well.

LongRifle, you're the type of kid that's never met a stranger. You smile, wave and say hi to everyone that crosses your path. You've perfected the queen wave without anyone ever teaching it to you. People can't help but to be drawn towards you, your shining bright eyes and huge eyelashes pull everyone in (like a moth to a light). Luckily for them, they're never dissappointed, you're just as engaging up close as you are from far away. You love to rough-house, especially with your sister and often times we have to pry her screaming out of your ever so affectionate, yet always too tight, neck bear hug. You are one tough cookie and can take pain a lot better than most kids your age, you'll fall down, or bump yourself and continue on as if nothing. Yet, you can be super sensitive, you cry if someone raises their voice, and you're the first to offer a hug if someone else is not feeling that great. You used to be a girl of few words, you were content to let sissy do all the talking, but lately you've just blossmed and now you're talking up a storm using that cute little baby voice of yours.

Here's a little poem I wrote especially for you two:

You both arrived early, WAY ahead of "the plan",
God knows what He does and only He understands.
Two tiny angels He sent from above,
Two little hearts for two to love.
Four tiny hands to teach how to pray,
To give thanks to the Lord for every new day.
Four eyes watch carefully the decisions we make,
a huge responsibility should we make a mistake.
Help us, and guide us, for this we do ask,
Lord please make us worthy of such a great task.

I am grateful to have been deemed worthy enough to become the mom of two such amazing little beings. I think the good Lord chose you two to be our children so that we could learn a few things, like patience and the fact that everything can not be under our control. I also think that He gave DrillSgt. and I to you two as parents because although you had a rough start we never for one minute believed that you shouldn't be treated like any other kid (well, except for the whole first year that we spent at home because of your immune issues). We both try our best not to spoil you too much and not push you too much either, it's a fine line we walk daily. We haven't been perfect, but we've done our best, and you've thrived and grown, right on track. You're both just like any other 2 year old, and just what we had always dreamed of. Thank you for all of the memories we've had these past two years, I look forward to many more to come. I love and adore you with all my heart.

All my love ALWAYS,




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