Friday, May 9, 2008

Chatterbox LongRifle

Up until now, Pistol has been the "talker" for Da'Gorgeouses. It seems that LongRifle has decided she'd like that to be her role now. Since it was Friday, and Da'Gorgeouses b-day party has been planned for tomorrow, (and we were properly stimulated---according to DrillSgt.), we decided to head out for a family night on the town. We picked up pictures @ Costco and had dinner at Mimi's Cafe. Mmmmm...I just love Mimi's Cafe.

Pistol and LongRifle were their usual selves as we walked towards our seats. Pistol holding papá's hand was protesting the entire way. I think she wanted to be seated somewhere MORE public so everyone could notice her---lol! LongRifle, of course, decided to use her skills to make sure everyone noticed her BEFORE she sat down. We passed people seated to the right of us and she smiled, and waved, and said "HI!" to each one. She made sure to strain and spin herself as she held my hand if she was given even the slightest response. By the time we made it to our seats, my super sensitive ears picking up all the "how cute" and "just darling!", etc. comments, I felt as if I had just escorted a superstar celebrity to her table (well, she is one of MY superstars).

Thank goodness we had a terrific waitress that immediately produced color crayons and an activity book to keep them busy, along with complimentary cheerios, crackers and orange wedges which were devoured in the blink of an eye (the food---the crayons I did my best to keep out of those little hungry mouths). So we ordered, and then it began, LongRifle began to speak. "Agua, pweeeeees, mamá," "Gada (thank you) mamá", "oooo, agua, cup, fork, mamá, sissy, papá" (naming and ponting at each item at the table), "mmm, mas bread mamá pweeees", "Good bread, mas, sure". It went on like that all night, and I'll have to admit, it was one of the BEST Mother's Day gifts I recieved. Only, now that I think about it, now that they both are talking up a storm, are they going to be competing for which one actually gets heard?!

As we were leaving the restaurant and walking out the door a cute little old lady (she must have been in her late 80's early 90's) stopped us and said, "They really do know they're cute, don't they?" Both LongRifle and Pistol giggled, gave her a huge smile and said "hi!" Yep, they sure do!




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