Thursday, May 1, 2008

LongRifle's Conversation

LongRifle is a girl of few words, but when she speaks I try my best to listen carefully to what she's saying. Her vocabulary has improved greatly, as has her enunciation. It's sometimes really difficult to understand her, for one she speaks really fast and for two her voice is very babyish (as it's supposed to be at this age) but VERY different than Pistol's speech. Just the other day DrillSgt. was worrying about LongRifle's speech, I reminded him that Pistol is the out of the ordinary kid, at this age we should still be struggling to understand her too.

So here is LongRifle's bathtub conversation with herself:

No more bubbles, all gone. (splashes water) Oh ders a bubble, hello bubble, another bubble.

Not bad, and a GREAT improvement from just a few weeks ago. It helps that I'm around them 24/7 so I have lots of practice listening and trying to decipher what's being said.




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