Friday, May 2, 2008

One Sleep No Sleep

Took Da'Gorgeouses back to the doc yesterday, she decided to put them on an antibiotic and gave LongRifle an Rx for Sing.ular. It really helped her sleep last night, that and the fact she sleep in our bed. She woke up like an entirely different kid, like the one she was BEFORE she got sick.

Pistol, on the other hand, did not get Sing.ular. She woke up coughing again at 1:30am. I tried everything, picking her up, suctioning her nose, giving her a treatment, in the end, she just wanted her own bed. She coughed from 1:30 to 4:30 straight, I don't even know if she slept, but she did have her eyes closed. I think she was just too exhausted. Not to mention the fact that she didn't nap again today because of that darn cough.

I'm calling the doc tomorrow to see if she'll give Pistol the same med too. Maybe then, we can all get some sleep around here.




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