Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Say A Prayer

I figured Da'Gorgeouses were well enough for school today. They had after all been out exposed to and exposing everyone all weekend anyhow. Besides, I think what's left is just allergies again. Grammy and DrillSgt. both have super bad allergies this week too. So we went to school, I guess LongRifle really missed being there because she went and gave Amanda a big hug, and as soon as we took her shoes off she was ready to play. Both Da'Gorgeouses did very well, I worked with Pistol and she didn't seem to object as much to the obstacles and activities today. Grammy was surprised that she wasn't fighting me every step of the way (like she usually does). LongRifle did very well going through the obstacles as well, she's still a little unsure when stepping over things, she wants something to hold on to, but I figure her confidence will build with time. That was our last class for 3 weeks, then it's 3 weeks of summer session and 3 weeks vacation and then it starts up again full time. Wow! By then it will be August!

DrillSgt. and I had a good talk a few weeks ago. It looks as if I'm going to be looking for part-time employment for this coming school year, something that will bring in some extra money but allow me to stay home for most of the time with Da'Gorgeouses. I think I can find something in adult education that won't take up too much time, or maybe some tutoring or home and hospital teaching. The hourly rate is pretty good, not what I'd make teaching full-time, but it would allow me the flexibility to still take them to their classes and appointments and still be home with them for the most part. That's a positive thing all around. As into my job as I was, having both a Bachelors & Masters Degree, two credentials and certificates, I never knew I'd someday WANT to be a SAHM. I've said it over and over again, it's the toughest, most rewarding job I've ever had!

My parents are headed off to Texas this weekend. They're going to visit my Tx g-ma who recently found out she is very ill. They're driving, which makes me crazy, pero son hijos de la mala vida (they like to do things the hard way). J/K, dad says they like to drive the 1700 miles and back because it allows them time to talk to each other, which they hardly ever do because they're usually watching TV---LOL!! I hope they stay safe, my dad isn't in the best of health himself, he falls asleep watching TV, but I'm sure they'll be fine. If you could though, just keep them in your prayers that they'll have a safe trip there and back. They think they'll be gone 2 weeks, but I guess it just depends on how my g-ma is looking by then. Da'Gorgeouses (and I) are REALLY going to miss them.




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