Tuesday, May 13, 2008

To Be A Mind Reader

We headed off to "school" again today. Da'Gorgeouses were at their wits end by the time Grammy arrived to go with us. I think the events of the weekend were just too overstimulating for them, either that, or they're 2 now. Anyway, once we got there the PT in charge notified us that we would be doing things a little differently. Okay no problem for the adults, but as we watched her perform the exercises with a little one, the others had a HUGE problem waiting, they just wanted to play...RIGHT NOW!! That is at least until we got Pistol involved, then it was all NO, NO, NO!! It was a true struggle to get her to do any of the activities. Hmmmmm...anyone want a smart, very verbal, super obstinate two-year old?! Never mind, it'd turn into the Ransom of RedChief and you'd be paying me to take her back within hours. Besides, who else am I going to torment with tons of face kisses until she bursts into giggles?? LongRifle was a little whiny too. She ran through the exercises and did very well with each one, but she whined while she was doing them. It shouldn't be that difficult to figure out what's going on right? At the age of two what could it possibly be? I'd changed them, they'd been fed, I let them sleep in as long as possible (with just enough time to eat and get dressed to go). Maybe they're sore from all the activities from the weekend, oh who knows?! I guess if I could read a two year old's mind then I'd win a grand prize (the same one DrillSgt. would win if he would ever learn to read mine)---lol!!

Snack time found my two darlings headed inside (we had gone outside) straight for the wash up sink. Pistol has that part down pat. She wanted to be first in line and first for snacks. She washed up, threw away her paper towel and sat down and immediately asked for apple juice. Following directly behind her was LongRifle (they don't like to let anyone in between them, and they don't like to be last for snacks). LongRifle did the same and when she sat down the first thing she asked for was a cracker. They did well, this time LongRifle held and drank out of the cup using one hand and there was very little spillage (is that even a word?). Pistol kept asking for more apple juice even though there was still some in her cup, a clear cup purposely given to her so she could see the amount that was still in there---lol, does Joan know Da'Gorgeouses or what? LongRifle even went so far as to say, "more apple juice Joan, please."

I finally decided on the rest of my Mother's Day gift, well...it was kind of decided for me. My computer monitor just gave out, Kaput, fried screen city. So we headed out to purchase a new one. I like it, it's much bigger (20 inches) than the former monitor and it's a flat screen. An off brand, but that's okay for the price it was just right. So now I'm enjoying my pictures and my websites on a much bigger screen, it somehow makes everything a little better, don't most new things make you feel that way?




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